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In 1727, Benjamin Franklin founded the Leather Apron Club, a cross-disciplinary ‘junto’ gathering of tradesman and artisans dedicated to mutual improvement of the individual and society. Members were avid readers and intellectuals curious about history, morality, science, poetry, technology, travels, and art. The junto became a launching pad for many public projects, including the first lending library and the University of Pennsylvania.

Inspired by Franklin’s junto model, Lara hosts gatherings of innovators, artists, scientists, investors, and change-makers to facilitate dialogue, problem-solving and collaboration. Events Lara has designed and hosted in the past:

XR Education Prize Challenge - In 2018, Lara designed and led a prize challenge funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to accelerate the most innovative XR companies addressing unmet needs in postsecondary education. Together with Techstars, Women in XR and University Ventures, she hosted the top 8 finalists in a live pitch competition and afterparty with influencers in XR, entertainment, and education.

Beyond Reality Influencers Dinner - An intimate gathering of 45 L.A.-based filmmakers, entrepreneurs, investors, artists and activists exploring the intersection of immersive storytelling and VR empathy experiences.

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